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Big Fibroid operation refused in U.K & Was done successfully laparoscopically in India


               Wel Come to the World of Laparoscopyexpert

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Gynaec Surgery and what have you got To show for it ?

Gynaec Surgery ?

Doesn’t that mean major pain? A big ugly scar ?
Farewell to sari & swimsuits ?

Now something’s happened to change all that.
Jyoti Hospital advances in surgery allow major Gynaec. Operations to be carried out through an opening that’s as small as keyhole.

But the benefits to you are mega-sized

Does Keyhole surgery cost more ?

So why is keyhole surgery not practiced everywhere ?

Can every Gynaec surgery can be performed Laparoscopically ?

Can I walk on the same day after Fibroid/Laparoscopic Surgery ?

How my scar will be visible after Laparoscopic Surgery ?

Welcome to ultimate destination for high tech women health care. . . With safety, reliability & human touch
In response to this growing demand, Dr.Pragnesh Shah, the Course Director is offering the personalized training for 15 days course for the practicing Gynaecologist with vision of developing, learning and incorporating Gynecological Endoscopy in their own existing practice to reach the upper edge in already competitive practice. His state-of-the-art Jyoti Hospital & Minimum Invasive Surgery centre and Advanced Endoscopic Training Centre at Ahmedabad, India. More About Training >>
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